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Golden Rose

100 ml / 3.4 fl oz

100% steam distilled rosewater from blossoms organically grown and harvested in Bulgaria's Rose Valley

In alchemy, the red rose is seen as an active, expansive principle of solar spirit, while the white rose represents the receptive, contractive principle of lunar soul. Combined, they give birth to the golden rose, a marriage of opposites that signals complete transformation. 

Revered since ancient civilization as a skincare treatment, rosewater softens and tones, soothes irritation and benefits even the most sensitive skin. Golden Rose works beautifully as a primer for our face oils, after time in the sun, to smooth out your locks, or anytime a rosy refresher is needed. You can even spritz it in your drinks.

Wyrd’s Golden Rose guides you to a healthy glow.

100% steam distilled rose water

Rosa x alba (white rose of York) +
Rosa x damascena (Damask rose)

Spritz generously on face, hair or anywhere. Ideally used in combination with Wyrd face oils.