3 oz 


Elfriede “Elf Strength” tea is a fortifying loose leaf blend of flowers, fruits and herbs to be enjoyed hot or iced. Dear friend and herbalist Julie Hines lent us a hand with the recipe, starring plants with a multitude of benefits that also happen to taste exceptional together.  


Hibiscus Immune Boosting
Nettle Nourishing
Orange Anti-inflammatory


Adaptogenic tulsi helps the body weather stress and provides a steady flow of energy. Hibiscus adds a rosy hue and distinctive zing, along with vitamin C and essential minerals.

Sweet blue cornflower aids digestion and tones the skin. Elderflower supports the immune system. Orange and cinnamon tame inflammation. And nettle is mother nature’s multivitamin.   

These powerful ingredients are organically farmed and we blend them together in small batches. The biodegradable bags are screen printed by A Small Boat Press.


Drink ev’ry day and be well!



Tulsi / Nettle / Hibiscus / Elderflower / Cornflower / Orange / Cinnamon

*All ingredients organically farmed