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15 ml / 0.5 fl oz

Butterfly is a balancing face oil for combination skin made with a harmonious blend of carrier and essential oils and infused with lemon balm.

Known for its calming effect, lemon balm also shields skin from stressors with a duo of potent antioxidants, caffeic and ferulic acid. Hibiscus offers a naturally gentle form of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) to encourage cell turnover. Linguistically derived from the Philippino ‘Alang-ilang’ or ‘fluttering, Ylang Ylang lifts the spirits like wings sweeping through a garden. A splash of jojoba infused with an especially fine herb adds phytonutrients and terpenes that work synergistically with the other botanicals to terrific effect.

Wyrd’s Butterfly oil brings skin into perfect equilibrium.


Lemon Balm

Ylang Ylang

Meadowfoam Seed Oil / Roselle Hibiscus Oil / Plum Kernel Oil / Camellia Oil / Cucumber Seed Oil / Prickly Pear Oil / Guava Seed Oil / Jojoba infused with Lemonbalm / CBD / Supercritical Extract of Rosemary / Starflower / Violet Leaf / Sandalwood / Himalayan Cedar / Ylang Ylang / Monarda / Chamomile / Lavender / Galbanum / Sweet Orange

All ingredients organic or sustainably wildcrafted

☼ Lightly massage 3 drops onto a dampened face morning or evening
☼ Our face oils are shelf stable but preservative free, so use within one year of opening
☼ Can be layered with sunscreen or cream moisturizer

Tested on friends. External use only. Adult use only. Stop use if irritation develops. Pregnant and nursing women should consult with their caregiver before using any product with essential oils. Blended with care in the Hudson Valley, New York.