Wyrd, said like “weird,” means Fate. Its roots are in Nordic mythology: Urd (Fate) is one of three feminine beings called Norns that weave together the strands of time. 


 The Norns live with two swans beneath an ash tree at the center of the cosmos, where they gather water from the Well of Fate to continually revive the tree’s branches. The water trickles down through the roots and into the mortal world. Destiny flows from the Heavens for our earthly interpretations.

 Fate is also written in our DNA, coiled up like rolls in a pianola to be played out in our habits, moods and physical features. Some of us tend towards lazy melancholy and others nervous cheer, but we all just want to feel good.

Plant essences have been used for millennia to do just that. Fine resins and oils culled from bark, leaves, petals and seeds are packed with molecules, both fragrant and healing, that seem divinely designed to assist in our health and happiness. Spearmint helps us focus, sweet orange elevates our mood and      frankincense calms our breath.



Wyrd makes exceptional goods from organically farmed or sustainably wildcrafted plant essences for home, beauty and well-being. A collaborative effort, Wyrd is run by Zopi Kristjanson, a horticulturist based in New York's Hudson Valley.  

Elevate your daily rituals and improve your Fate. Welcome to our Well.