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Wyrd is run by Zopi Kristjanson, a horticulturist based in New York's Hudson Valley, who designs and tends to perennial gardens during the growing season.

The venture was born out of quiet winter months, and built around a Nordic myth as a nod to her Icelandic heritage. Zopi works with Yoonhwa Jang on the design, and collaborates with artists and herbalists to make potent products that resonate. Using all organic and sustainably wildcrafted botanicals, each formula is blended and poured in small batches.

Welcome in.



Wyrd, said like “weird,” means Fate, and comes from Nordic mythology. Three sisters called Norns weave together the fates of all beings. They live with two swans beneath an ash tree at the center of the cosmos, where they gather water from the Well of Fate to perpetually revive the tree’s branches. The water trickles down through the roots and into the mortal world. Destiny flows from the heavens for our earthly interpretations. Fate is also written in our DNA, coiled up like rolls in a pianola to be played out in our habits and temperament. Some tend towards lazy melancholy while others may be restless, but we all just want to feel good.


Plant essences work on multiple levels, affecting both subtle and material realms. For example, sweet orange elevates one's mood when inhaled and brightens the skin when applied. We select our ingredients with these dynamics in mind and blend them to work synergistically. To this potent alchemy, we add a splash of organically farmed CBD oil that amplifies the power of each ingredient, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Elevate your daily rituals and improve your Fate. Welcome to our Well.

Our values

I / Biophilia

We celebrate the natural world and believe in the power of plants to transform the body and psyche. 

_ _ _

II / Creative Alliance

We work with artists who have uncommon vision to create distinctive products.

_ _ _

III / Paradise Now

We promote pleasure and well-being through plant essences and explore art and mythology to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. We are children born to flower in our own eternal potion.