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Micki Pellerano

Some people are like suns, orbited by groups of friends like planetary systems basking in their light and captivated by their gravitas. Micki Pellerano is one such solar being. His practices as an artist, occultist and astrologer have rooted him at the intersection of many circles in New York and beyond.

Micki has contributed to album art and music video for record labels Sub Pop, Kranky and Sacred Bones; presented at MoMA NY,  Serpentine UK and the 2019 Venice Biennale; been featured in the New York Times, ArtForum and Vice; and appeared on several podcasts. An impressive rotation, no?

In his latest project, Time Lord TV, Micki brings his multitudes together for an esoteric variety program with astrological forecasts, musical guests and interviews with prominent figures in contemporary occultism.

Our area spray was initially going to be called “Exorcise” as we were using essences typical in cleansing rituals. Because of his penchant for ritual and excellent draftsmanship, we thought Micki should illustrate the label. In our dialogues, I came across the word ‘Sublimatio,’ an alchemical term relating to purification, but with a less drastic air. I asked Micki if he thought it was more fitting and he quoted Nietsche: “Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you.” It was settled. 

What are three words that describe your world?
Animism, Decadence, Camaraderie
What is a nostalgic scent for you?
I love the smell of distant fireplaces through snow. It reminds me of being very little before my family moved back to Miami, when my experiences of snow would become very seldom. 
What is your favorite tale, fable or myth? 
That's tough. When I was young it was definitely Jason and the Argonauts. But Jan Potocki's The Manuscript Found at Saragossa is so packed with cool stories and Hermetic lore, so I think that's been my favorite compendium of tales for a good twelve years or so now. 

What is your favorite organism? 
Excluding the many humans of whom I'm very fond....maybe the Bengal tiger or the king cobra?
Do you believe in fate?
In an archetypal sense, yes. But I believe that the intricacies of one's fate can be self-contoured and also that fear, defeat and other obstacles can prevent a person from heeding the call of their destiny. 

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