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Maria Luneva

A fellow Biophiliac, Maria Luneva caught our eye with her fantastic flora and fauna interactions as Supinatra.

Gorgeous and absurd, we find her petal swallowing and slug handling utterly compelling. She finds a place where beauty meets humor, where we'd like to curl up for a while and laugh softly.


Maria Luneva

I'm 23. I've lived my whole life in Moscow. I love my country house very much. As a child, I spent the summer outside the city in nature. I have two courses: a more specialized one — design by industry and now I am graduating from university, faculty of transport design. I study my art on my own. My work is a solid admiration for the natural and will help with it. I am looking for new meanings and refreshing old ones. I feel the need to work only with cool elements. It's exciting.

How do you view yourself in nature?
I am a modern poet of nature, nature is my muse, and I sing of it.

What's your favorite flower?
I just recently got my favorite flower. This is campanula. I like it for its universal and canonical form, thanks to which you can come up with an infinite number of ideas with it.

It also looks like a bell. It is a cute flower of childhood from fairy tales.
What is your favorite fairy tale, fable or myth?
The Odyssey

What's a nostalgic scent for you?The smell of spring in my village. Fresh air mixed with a fire carries me away every summer I have lived.

Do you believe in fate?



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