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Dorothy Stucki

Once our Wyrd formulas were ready for the world, we wanted an artist to illustrate the labels — someone with a unique graphic style and a taste for the mythological. Our old friend Dorothy Stucki was the first to come to mind.

To inspire the drawings, we gave her loose storylines for each face and body oil. For Nightingale, it was the Hans Christian Anderson fairytale and for Anima, the Greek myth of Psyche. Dorothy devised layouts reminiscent of tarot cards and filled them with her own brand of archetypal figures and esoteric symbols. We loved them.

Based in Atlanta, Dorothy studied printmaking in college, and has since worked in a variety of media, including collaborative public installations, a video about the Sandman, mosaics and illustration. Lately, she's been making screen prints and linoleum block prints, and plans to open an online print shop soon with her husband Bo Orr, an artist and collaborator. The pair also play together in the band Solar Flower with two other friends and released their first album "You Are" last winter.

The Feminine Mystic

What are three words that describe your world?
Playful, Surreal, Mythical

What is a nostalgic scent for you?
Paper white flowers. My mom and my grandmother would always have them around the house during the winter holidays.

What is your favorite tale, fable or myth?
The Garden of Eden

What is your favorite organism?
Elephants, Snails, and Fungi

Do you believe in fate?


Check out Dorothy's work here.