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Krystal Visions

Kaylene Campbell aka Krystal Visions aka Krystal V shimmered into my periphery a couple years ago, but I just had the pleasure of meeting her last month in Atlanta. 

A renaissance woman in both spirit and practice(s), she is an electronic musician, graphic designer, video artist, numerologist, tarologist and astrologist versed in archetypal and alchemical traditions. With 10 + years of esoteric study, Kaylene teaches Tarot courses for The Scarlet Sage in San Francisco and gives Tarot and natal chart readings to a wide clientele.

digital painting of candles and feather

As Krystal V, her lush musical compositions blend new age, minimal wave and classical styles that belie the influences of Richard H. Kirk, Fever Ray and Laurie Spiegel. Putting on her track Paper Shell is like being guided into the center of a giant brass nautilus, exploring the golden ratio while she strikes steadily on its resonant exterior. Her new single, mixed by Jimmy Edgar, is out September 9.

The themes of her visual creations, which include theatrical self portraiture, digital paintings and a performance for Adult Swim, sashay between cosmic musing and primeval desire.

Kaylene will be lending a deft hand to Wyrd's instagram starting this month, so stay attuned. 

What three words describe your world?

Etheric, boundless and sensual.

Let’s talk about pleasure. One idea behind Wyrd is a reminder to return to our bodies through the pleasures of touch and smell. What about pleasure seems fundamental to you?  

It’s the epitome of caring for oneself. The allowance of good feelings only perpetuates the energy of more good in our lives and that begins with the allowance of pleasure. 

I love the playlist you made. What’s the significance of Venus in Virgo right now? 

Thanks so much! I enjoyed making it. When Venus enters Virgo later this month we’ll definitely see a shift in our relations with others and our relations to the intentional nourishment of these relationships. That's why this playlist is good for solo time or conversational time with a friend.  Venus in Virgo requires patience and structures that work on a personal level. Not all flowers bloom alike. The key with Venus in Virgo is to really observe the growth patterns of nature and incorporate the lessons of slow, mindful growth into our relationships with others but also into the relationship with ourselves. Venus will be in Virgo until later in October so some of these themes will be highlighted at this time. It will be a big mood of rewriting what you want and what you believe you deserve in interpersonal dynamics. 


We’re both originally from Canada, but are now based in Atlanta. What’s keeping you here? 

We’re like geese! There are many things keeping me here. Atlanta is lovely. I’d say the main factors are friends, the relationship with my partner and I just really love the house I'm living in currently. How very Cancerian of me. 


Honk! Do you believe in Fate? 

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking so yes or no depending on what you believe. I choose to believe that some things are fated but we always have a choice as to what path we end up taking in the end. 

Check out the new Krystal V single here:

33 22

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Krystal Visions